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October 9th, 2021

Supported Decision Making Agreement Wisconsin

If the student has a sustained decision agreement with the LEA, the LEA should decide with the adult student whether the supporter should be involved and how the student wishes to inform the supporter of the upcoming encounter. The adult student may choose to personally invite the supporter or ask the LEA to include the supporter in the IEP team meeting statement. Support can help the adult student make decisions about education, for example. B to include educational assessments, information presented at IEP team meetings, communication of information about himself during IEP team meetings, setting IEP goals and transitional post-secondary goals and defining educational placements, as well as other decisions made by the adult student in his or her state of state support decision agreement Support cannot give consent on behalf of the student adult, but it can help the adult student communicate their educational choices to appropriate people. Section 115.807(4), Wis. Statutes, created by Wisconsin Act 345 of 2017, requires local education authorities (LEAs) to provide students and their parents with information about sustained decision-making in accordance with Chapter 52 of the Wisconsin Statutes, to provide other alternatives to guardianship, and strategies to stay engaged in the student`s secondary education. . . .

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