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April 13th, 2021

Trade And Co-Operation Agreement

(j) the exchange of information and experience between parties wishing to conduct environmental assessments at the national level, including audits of trade agreements; health, plant health and environmental measures and their effects to prevent them from interfering with trade, given the legislation of both parties in this area. CONSIDERING that Argentina has normal economic and trade relations with all The Member States of the Community; The cooperation developed under the agreement can be carried out within the framework of bilateral or regional capacity-building measures, relevant provisions of bilateral or regional free trade agreements between the parties on environmental cooperation, including Article 9 of Chapter 17 (Environment) of the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement and the United States, can be made on the basis of technical and/or financial assistance programmes, including: investigation and recommendation of trade promotion actions to promote import and export expansion. Parliament`s report contains an explanation of the agreement, including any significant differences or improvements. It also contains information on rules of origin and trade tariff quotas. (e) the exchange of information on the internal implementation of multilateral environmental agreements, which have been ratified by all parties; The EU has a specific agreement that allows partnership and cooperation agreements to be adopted. We should commit, if you confirm that your government agrees with the following voices: 1. The contracting parties are committed to promoting the development and diversification of their trade at the highest possible level, in accordance with their respective economic situation. 6. The Commission regularly informs committees established by bilateral and regional free trade agreements between the contracting parties of the status of the cooperation activities developed under the agreement, including the Environment Council under Article 5 of Chapter 17 (environment) of the Dominican Republic-Central America and The United States Free Trade Agreement.

1. The parties may, by mutual agreement, extend this agreement to improve the level of cooperation and complement it with agreements on certain sectors or activities. 1. Without prejudice to the relevant provisions of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, this agreement, nor the measures taken under this agreement, in any way affect the power of the Member States of the Community to undertake bilateral activities with Argentina in the area of economic cooperation or, if necessary, to conclude new economic cooperation agreements with Argentina.

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