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April 12th, 2021

Soto-Enrile Agreement

In 1989, JOSE Nemenzo, president of the UP, and Fidel Ramos, then Minister of Defense, reached an agreement limiting the capacity and presence of the police and military force in its large campuses and regional units. (PIA InfoComm/PNP PIO) Mr. Tan asked the military to respect the agreement between UP and the DND and not to conduct intelligence activities on campus. “We will not allow news collection,” he said, adding that this is why the agreement was signed. QUEZON CITY, August 29 (PIA) —The French police chief, Police General Oscar D. Albayalde supports the opinion of the Chairman of the Higher Education Committee, Dr. Prospero De Vera, on the need to review the 30-year agreement between the Department of National Defence and the University of the Philippines that sets rigid conditions for the access of government security forces to UP campuses. PNP`s proposal to revise the agreement between DND and UP came after Senator Ronald “Bato” urged Dela Rosa to maximize police visibility inside campuses. /I Tan said they would like to know why the AFP violated a 1989 agreement between the university and the government prohibiting the presence of police and army officers on campus without notice and consent from the UP administration. Activists are using a decades-long government agreement as legal protection as they recruit students from the University of the Philippines (UP) for the Philippine Communist Party, the country`s police chief said today.

The head of the Philippine National Police, General Oscar Abalayalde, said at a press conference that the Soto-Enrile agreement, a 1989 agreement that was created as a compromise in a period of frequent unrest, now allows activist organizations to radicalize students. However, Mr Tan indicated that interest in a further revision of the agreement was low. State University will continue to stick to its long-standing agreement with the Department of National Defense, which prevents police and the military from entering a UP campus without authorization, according to UP Diliman Chancellor Michael Tan. The 1989 agreement between Jose Abueva, then president of the UP, and Fidel Ramos, then Minister of Defence, which still exists today, dates back to the initial agreement of Soto Enrile, signed during the period of martial law. The UP official expressed concern that the AFP had not followed the guidelines of the agreement between UP and DND. Colonel Noel Detoyato, from AFP`s Office of Public Affairs, said the presence of soldiers on campus is covered by the agreement between the DND and UP. General Oscar Albayalde, the head of the PNP, recently called for a revision of the agreement, known as the Soto Enrile Agreement, signed in 1982 by student leader Sonia Soto and then-Defence Minister Juan Ponce Enrile. In 1992, Abueva and Rafael Alunan III, then Minister of the Interior, signed another agreement covering the Philippine National Police (PNP). Mr. Tan acknowledged the need to review the agreement, as the current agreement does not provide for sanctions for those who violate its provisions. Ridon, a former student regent of up, condemned the latest incident that occurred a few days before the expected arrival of hundreds of lumads expelled from their communities in Mindanao because of the presence of the army. Among those who will join the camp are those who, because of the ongoing conflict with the New People`s Army, are affected by an increased military presence in their communities.

The dispersal of a demonstration is clearly a police operation. “What we are trying to avoid here is the massive recruitment, the massive radicalization of innocent students. Students from remote areas, from the provinces, are very vulnerable. They are the target of these militant groups,” he added. Albayalde also rejected suggestions that an increased police presence on campuses would lead to increased surveillance of student activists.

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