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April 11th, 2021

Pipsc Collective Agreement Afs

(a) the interpretation or application of a provision of a collective agreement or arbitration award for the worker; This memorandum is intended to implement the agreement between the employer and the Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada on a temporary measure for the implementation period of the collective agreement with a bi-weekly consultation with the AfS national executive. b) This information is communicated to workers through communications from the employer in places where such communications are most likely to be communicated to workers subject to the appeal procedure, or in some other way, in accordance with the agreement of the employer and the institute. (a) The employer will notify the worker of his ongoing activity no later than three (3) months after the official date of the signing of the collective agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to enter into force the agreement between the employer and the negotiator (the “parties”) on worker welfare issues. Once the working group has presented its final findings to the NUMCC, the task force`s mandate will be considered complete and any further discussion on the matter will be referred to the NUMCC. 34.03 The deadlines set in this proceeding may be extended by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker and, if necessary, the representative of the institute. In the case of marketing, where the offer is part of the procedure, members of the MIE/ASD Joint Committee try to agree on the criteria for personnel issues (). For example, conditions of employment, pensions and health care, the number of admissions of workers that are used in the application process (SRPs). The committee will respect the provisions of the federal government`s treaty.

Provisions that had been preceded by two asterisks were amended under the previous collective agreement. subject to the conditions and criteria set out in accordance with Article 22, the annual contribution of members to commercial accounting; Appendix “C,” Memorandum of Understanding on the reimbursement of accountants or legal fees for professionals; and Schedule “D,” a statement of intent regarding the reimbursement of remuneration as a member of the evaluator profession; The parties also agree to maintain the reimbursement of recognized and agreed-upon annual remunerations for members of the AFS bargaining unit who, on the basis of their previous group and level, were entitled to such a refund prior to the switchover to MG. 6.3.6 As a general rule, a change should be made between workers in the same group and at the same level.

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