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April 10th, 2021

Moneris Merchant Services Agreement

For the services we provide, you agree to pay us the non-refundable fees, fees and discounts specified in the pricing and pricing plan for us and for all applicable exhibitions or facilities, including changes, or that we agree in writing. You agree to refund the amount of all credits, refund of taxes and amounts imposed in this agreement, in the operating manual, in operating regulations or by a card association (including foreign transactions or excessive repayment fees). The bank has the right to pass on to the merchant any increase in fees or fees resulting from changes in the operating regulation, through a card association or pending the liability of the card association. If a fee, including the discount rate or card association interchange fees, is based on a qualification and you do not meet the reduced commission requirements, you agree that the fee can be adjusted to the correct amount and you agree to pay the increased amount, including any additional surcharges. Royalties may be amended in accordance with point 9 (b). Merchants agree to pay all taxes and other taxes collected by a government authority for services provided under this agreement. You agree to reimburse us for any interbank or reduction costs related to the application of this agreement, including investigation fees, legal fees and reasonable fees, comparisons, arbitration awards, card combination fees or fines and court costs. Clearing and settlement-delivery services and the availability of resources are subject to the procedures of the bank and each financial institution concerned. The Bank does not guarantee the appropriateness of settlement, even by the deposit-holder.

The Bank is not responsible for third-party processors, networks, systems, card allocations, billing counters, telecommunications or other agents beyond their proper control. Subject to payment under this directive, merchants acquire all rights, securities and interest on and on property acquired by the bank with the right to confirm the items. All items assigned to you by the Bank will be credited on an interim basis, subject to the banks` right to pay under this agreement and any receivables for repayments, adjustments and final settlements. Bank has the right to get payment for all items purchased (unless, and until re-booking) and you will not seek to collect items if you receive a payment, you will keep it in trust and deliver it immediately to the bank. The bank processes all items and transfers to the settlement account (i) the total amount of items acquired less (ii) of the total amount of credit positions, repayments, refunds, disputes, settlement errors, adjustments, fines, processing fees and other amounts earned. At the times specified by the bank, the bank can deduct all amounts due to the bank`s merchant for file fees, withdrawals and card exchanges, in the form of credit on the settlement account or deduction of the amounts incurred. If the bank calculates a royalty per item (sale or credit), the commission is calculated on the basis of the applicable fee multiplied by the number of transactions. When the bank calculates a fee on the basis of a discount rate, the nominal amount of transactions is multiplied by the discount rate to determine the applicable fee.

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